An independent management consulting firm, focused on strategy, initiatives development and implementation support
  The dynamics and competitive environment of this sector require keeping right up to date with the latest trends and developments. BlueNote is ideally placed to do this, with our permanent and ongoing activities in this sector making us a key partner when it comes to leveraging a competitive advantage for our clients.

Our scope of services and recent projects include:
  Marketing and Commercial Strategy Logistics & Distribution Operations and staff
Quantifying portfolio sales potential.
Assessment of demand profile and estimating consumers' willingness to pay.
Product positioning and brand management.
Developing an approach to category management.
Strategy definition for eTrade programs.
End-to-end development of Mobile Virtual Network Operation business.
Assessment of distribution model (primary and retail).
Measuring of distribution-network performance.
Distributors' cost-structure analysis.
Commissioning-program development.
Negotiation support with distributors and logistics providers.
Point-of-sales (POS) segmentation and delivery-model customization.
Development of Point-of-salesloyalty programs.
Distribution-executive training programs.
MIS dashboard development.
Key operational processes redesign.
Incentive program development.
OTC process analysis and redesign.
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