An independent management consulting firm, focused on strategy, initiatives development and implementation support
  Providing substantial and sustainable advice to the financial sector is a source of ongoing challenges for the BlueNote team because the sector ecosystem undergoes continuous changeand in the process throws up new, high-impact opportunities.

Our services and completed projects include:
  Strategy Retail and product development strategy Operations and staff
Prospecting and targeting acquisition opportunities.
Bank and portfolio valuation.
Due diligence coordination, and support in take-over negotiations.
Definition of consumer-finance-sector strategy.
Development of innovative products for the corporate sector.
Negotiation with, and support for, credit-card brands.
Loyalty programs developments.
Development of partnerships with retailers.
Pricing and consumer-profitability analysis.
Sales-channels-strategy development.
Branch-network profitability analysis and structure optimization.
Customer-base segmentation and service model.
Credit and debit cards business strategies:

- Launching campaigns
- Activation tactics
- Boosting consumption
- Finance motivation
- Churn prevention

Mobile phone financial services initiatives.
Design of incentives plans for sales executives.
Processing outsourcing assessment and negotiation support.
Internal SLAs development.
Sourcing processes redesign.
Credit card processes redesign.
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