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An independent management consulting firm, focused on strategy, initiatives development and implementation support
  In past years the BlueNote team has worked on more than 30 projects in the Latin American telecommunications and media sector including:
  Assessment of licenses renewal models for the cellular and PCS bands in Latin America
  National Roaming regulation development
  Development of safety and emergency solutions (i.e., PPDR) through private-public partnerships
  4G auction design, implementation and direction in Colombia
  PCS and TMC licenses renewal valuation
  Assessment of Quality of Services models and impact analysis in Latin America
  Benefits of spectrum swapping to improve the spectral efficiency
  Design and valuation of new spectrum regimes for TV and radio broadcasters
  Relevant market definition for telecommunications and media services
  Bundling practice assessment and regulatory measures
  Assessment of international roaming in Latin America: barriers for development
  Assessment, development and implementation of LTE in non-IMT bands (L-band and 27 band)
  Spectrum cap fundamentals and new regime proposals
  Development of new proposal for termination rates
  Opportunity analysis for developing a MVNO
  Iden terminals procurement support and development
  Valuation of 700MHz band and business roadmap with LTE
  Analysis of spectrum requirements for 2G/3G network based on Effective Frequency Load (EFL) and Spectral efficiency
  Redesign of the spectrum regime for radio, broadcasters and other spectrum users
  Assessment of flexible spectrum models and secondary markets
  Economic impact assessment of Content and Applications sector development,and the necessary regulation to guarantee access to infrastructure
  Assessment and regulation of domestic roaming on 2G, 3G and 4G
  Digital Dividend Auction and IMT spectrum availability
  Research and assessment of new flexible models for spectrum management
  Developing a Spectrum Handbook.
  Auction design and execution for the AWS, 2.5GHz and 1.9GHz bands
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