An independent management consulting firm, focused on strategy, initiatives development and implementation support
The Public Sector is one of BlueNote's key areas of expertise. Our team, with its extensive experience and impressive international track record, is able to provide an unparalleled level of services to the public sector.

Our ability to understand country and industry context, our end-to-end support and our commitment to our clients' agenda and priorities are BlueNote's hallmarks within this sector.

Our expertise has been developed by working with Governments, Public agencies, National Regulatory Agencies and Regional Institutions. We have completed more than 25 projects for public-sector organizations during the past 3 years.

These projects include:

Designing public policies and promotional campaigns to boost consumer adoption of ICT.Quantifyingthe socio-economic impact of implementing new policies for the ICT sector.
Forecasting spectrum demand and consulting on drawing up an assignation roadmap.
Defining spectrum-pricing principles and spectrum valuation for IMT bands.
Estimating spectrum migration costs and costing the obligations of new licensees (e.g. roll-out obligations, social tariffs, connection targets, road coverage).
Design and implementation of a 4G-spectrum auction involving the 1900MHz, 700MHz, 2500MHz and AWS bands.
Design of the algorithm and other parameters to be used for calculating spectrumusage fees applicable to Radio and Television Broadcasters and other non-IMT spectrum users.
Designing feasible scenarios to implement Public Protection and Disaster Recovery networks (PPDR) through public-private partnerships.
Mobile-money models assessment and impact on unbanked population.
Assessment of bundling practices and development of anti-bundling regulation.
Relevant market definition for the media and broadcasting markets.
Development of quality of service (QoS) regulatory environment.
Regulation of national roaming.
Assessment of flexible and secondary markets for spectrum trading.
Benchmarking of regulation content and barriers for industry development.
Development of regulatory models for access to infrastructure.
Development programs and regulatory models for Content and Application providers.
Support in the preparation of draft regulatory documents,and during the subsequent public consultationprocess
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